Synod 2021 2023





The questions below are the same as those which have been emailed and mailed to your home. If you have not received any questions you can find them here along with Father Steve’s letter! Please read Father Steve’s letter and chose one set of questions and return them to the church either by Mail or email to  

There will be a drop box in the commons for you to return your questions when you come to Mass beginning February 12th/13th through February 26th /27th!  Thank you for your participation.

Synod 2021 2023 Letter from Fr Steve

Set 1 Questions

Set 1 Questions Fillable

Set 2 Questions

Set 2 Questions Fillable

Set 3 Questions

Set 3 Questions Fillable

The event is finished.


Feb 04, 2022 - Mar 01, 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm